Beautiful easily understood faded red rose 18K gold metal manufacturing technology has been around for hundreds of years, the principle is very simple it is to regulate 24 parts of 6 parts other metals except gold ratio of 18 parts removed. Copper plus more, the more red color, reduce the proportion of Rolex Day Date Replica Watches, silver increased proportion went from red to pink color.

But compared to gold, resulting in a more lively color of copper is the metal case contacts when tap water, sea water, chlorinated swimming pool water, salt, water, and copper and these electrochemical reactions soapy water containing electrolyte, will as anode copper etched away. This reaction is actually very weak, and only occurs on the surface, but the surface of colored copper etched away, and it faded a nice red. This fading in the experiment is obvious, soaked in a saturated saline ten colors in 40 degrees Celsius will be significantly dim.

Best Fake Rolex President Day-Date Watches first-generation technology to allow the eternal rose gold rose gold color is more durable, as early as September 4, 2003 Rolex filed European patent EP1512765, the inventor up to 8 people, then the idea is to add platinum component to ensure that 75% of the 18K gold, showing 15-18 percent of copper red, protecting 0.5% to 4% of platinum copper. Such technical principle is to introduce a more stable real platinum, because platinum is relatively low, so that an electrolyte in contact with brine copper consumed is relatively less, slowing the color transformation.

Rolex latest technology eternal rose gold Swiss Rolex Replica watch in this February 6, 2014 to apply the latest eternal rose gold patent WO2014122235, inventor PASCAL DUBOS, JEAN-FRANÇOIS RICARD. We introduced a better solution to the problem thoroughly. In order to protect the copper is red, adding more lively calcium, indium, silicon. If corrosion to corrosion of these more lively, copper on the protection down to protect the beautiful red and pink. Which you can see the technology advances. In principle copper is etched very small, basic color is not refunded.

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