Rolex Bamford replica Watch Department has teamed up with women’s fashion designer Rodnik Band to develop Rolex Datejust “Snoopy” edition.  Each of the options (black and grey) comes with its own Snoopy Doghouse presentation case, and will be limited to only 25 pieces, available through Bamford Watch Department.

Rolex Datejust “Snoopy” edition replica

Rolex Datejust “Snoopy” edition replica

This special Rolex Datejust Snoopy copy watch is available in two versions: MGTC Black and MGTC Light Grey, both providing a contrasting finish to the sunglass-clad Snoopy.

Inspired by iconic cartoon character Snoopy, this exclusive release is part of a highly limited edition. The “Snoopy” features Bamford’s signature hard-wearing MGTC (military grade titanium coating), as well as custom-made hands. This Rolex Snoopy replica watch incorporates a striking dial and unique colorway influenced by the character’s signature style.

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