In September, 1999, the Swatch Group bought Breguet Watches In Uk Replica from an investment group. It was the dream of the late Nicolas G. Hayek to have the brand. His passion lives on today, as his grandson, Marc Hayek, is the CEO of this company.Hayek senior reportedly hated the fact that the whereabouts of this 160 Marie Antoinette pocket opinion were unknown. Then he chose to produce a replica of the first solely predicated on written descriptions and drawings created through the pocket watch’s design and structure. Reproducing the 160 pocket view into what’s the Breguet 1160 Marie Antoinette having only visual and written guides is one of the most talked accomplishments in modern watchmaking. Remember the love of the original? It was commissioned by a lover of Marie Antoinette for her, back in 1783. It’s merely a couple of months following the 160 made headlines after being found again in late 2007. The wooden box produced for it was a marvel, even with timber from a distinctive tree made famous by Marie Antoinette that Breguet allegedly bought for something like 7 million Euros. If I recall properly, the tree fell over obviously, but the state upon which Versailles would sell the shrub to Breguet was whether it “donated” money for the recovery of the famed French palace.At 63mm broad in 18k gold, the Breguet 1160 Marie Antoinette tried to replicate the original 160 in every way possible from the complications into the crystal made from natural rock crystal.

Having unveiled the first ever Tradition for ladies not too long ago at Baselworld, Breguet Watches Official Website Replica has just announced another variant of the model for Baselworld 2017 that takes place in March next year.

While the first Tradition Dame 7038 was in white gold with a blue-grey mother of pearl dial, the latest version offers a rosier look. The case is 18k pink gold and the dial is an iridescent white mother of pearl decorated with hobnail guilloche in the centre.

Breguet Tradition Dame 7038 rose gold 1

The rest of the watch remains the same as the original model, with the 37mm case featuring a bezel set with 68 brilliant-cut diamonds and a crown topped with a synthetic ruby of the sort used in watch movements.

Plated in rhodium for a bright silvery finish, the movement is the calibre 505SR that’s automatic and equipped with the pallet fork and hairspring in magnetism-resistant silicon.

Price and availability

The new Tradition Dame 7038 should be available sometime in 2017. Though the price has not been announced, the first version cost US$38,900 or SS$55,900, so expect this to be priced similarly.