When it comes to reviewing the mens Breitling Emergency 2 watch replica the difference between reviewing or just introducing it to the audience is greater than ever brefore.

Since 1995 , when it was launched, the Emergency has saved a total 18 people that include soldiers, mountaineers and explorers: the last one in a row being Mark Spencer , a hunter from Alaska which, close to dying from hypothermia, has survived thanks to the Emergency wrapped around his wrist (and not his PLB – Personal Locator Beacon).

Breitling Emergency 2

Breitling Emergency 2

This watch, moreover, is so out of the ordinary that I think just a Breitling official video is able to fully demonstrate its features as if I only attempted to reproduce the real conditions under which the Emergency 2 is designed to operate I will be sure in trouble or else would risk to be prosecuted for reckless use.

The Swiss-made fake Breitling Emergency 2 watch is, I do not think I’m outrageous, a professional watch designed for a military use,a product where the brand’s claim ( Instruments for Professionals ) is perfectly expressed.  Breitling created a new market niche when, back in the years, created the Emergency , the first and only watch to tune in to the analog military 121,5 MHz frequency and send a distress call.

On top of that the Breitling Emergency 2 drives the sales of all the other products (especially the Professional collection) while this segment is on the rise; it is not by chance, you probably got it, many other swiss brands are entering the digital high end tool watch’s segment with their product offering over the last two years.

The Breitling Emergency 2 is a sturdy watch boasting a 51mm wide titanium case, powered by caliber 76 , COSC certified that provides a lot of functions such as: analog and digital 12 / 24 h visulialization, 1 / 100 of a second chronograph, a countdown timer, a GMT function and a multilingual calendar. It is a so called thermocompensated SuperQuartz movement, far more precise than a commercial quartz caliber (it would be nice to see, on the Breitling ’s official website a section dedicated to SuperQuartz technology and its difference with a common quartz movement).

The Emergency has been a huge success, that Breitling yearns for replicating with the launch of the new Emergency 2 as all the watch enthusiasts out there, even those who are not Breitling replica watch’s aficonados, recognize Breitling as the leader in this sector.

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