This is the Breitling Chronospace Evo Night Mission replica watch. And the dial is not black but blue. Using a fine, mechanical movement will not help the indestructability of a watch under heavy circumstances like flying airplanes or doing other rather exciting stuff. Probably for that reason Breitling uses their so called SuperQuartz movements (in this one the B73). They are more accurate, offer more ‘complications’ for less money and they run on batteries. For about three years.

Breitling Professional Chronospace Evo Night Mission replica

Breitling Professional Chronospace Evo Night Mission replica

The 43-millimeters case is made from satin-brushed titanium which can be achieved by a high-resistance carbon-based treatment. It provides a massive look; exactly what Breitling wants to achieve. Showing quality, robustness, showing a feeling that says: this mens fake Breitling Chronospace watch is indestructible.

This hand serves to measure intermediate times, while the fast time zone adjustment system ensures uninterrupted precision of the minutes and seconds displays. The B73 movement is Chronometer-certified by the COSC (Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute) so don’t worry about the accuracy here. The chronograph features a split-seconds function with an additional central hand.

The Breitling Professional Chronospace Evo Night Mission is a sort of light version of the Swiss-made fake Breitling Professional Emergency Night Mission. Which is good, although it’s not a bargain.

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