Bell & Ross has announced the launching of the Bell&Ross BR 02 Dive Watch replica available in two interpretations. The watches are uniquely suited for men who have a busy lifestyle but at the same time the models still afford their customers the style and flair they demand. The fascinating world of deep seas can now be explored down to 1000 meters buy the new Bell & Ross Dive wristwatches which are expected in August.

Bell & Ross BR02-92 Carbon Fiber replica

Bell & Ross BR02-92 Carbon Fiber replica

And yet you know it is a watch that is designed for underwater duties. This is mainly because of the superb case design which reflects the aesthetics of a professional diving bell. It’s like a baby bell. Sorry, that was a little cheesy.

The mens fake Bell&Ross BR02 watch really looks like it means business. The unique case outline of Bell & Ross BR 02 Dive copy watch looks like it has been designed for optimum strength. The sapphire glass reminds me of the porthole of diving bells. It creates a wonderful optical illusion by refracting the dial when it is viewed through differing angles. Very similar to the effect given by observing an object partially submersed.It may well have been designed by software and yet I think it has too much character for this to be true.

One of my favourites outside of the Instrument collection is the BR02 Diver, a massive 44mm tonneau-shaped tool watch that stands out in a sea of ho-hum dive watch designs. It’s the price of their fame – the massive popularity of the Instrument has overshadowed a lot of their other offerings, which is a shame as Bell & Ross produces some very interesting watches – that aren’t square.  Bell & Ross replica watch is best known for it’s Instrument series of watches, but they produce a number of interesting designs.

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