Corum introduces three new models for Halloween: the Bubble Pirate, produced in 188 pieces, the Bubble Voodoo in only 38 models, and the Bubble Skull conducted in 88 pieces.

Now, we will need to give the brand a small amount of latitude when it comes to celebrating this anniversary — the very first Corum Watch Dealers Usa Replica Coin Watch was introduced in 1964, and of course, we’re now in 2015 (51 years later). The way to get about that little detail? Well, using coins created in 2014. These were seemingly sorted through and chosen as being prime examples of these coins are (so, no, no “misprint” dials to be had here), and haven’t been in circulation. And, other than a hole drilled in them to get the fundamental arbor through, there are no visible alterations into this coin.Provided the sapphire crystal up top stays in one piece, it’s likely a coin that won’t ever find any other alterations or wear. As is suitable for your Corum Coin Watch, the sides of the case (36mm for the golden, 43mm for its silver) feature a coin border — perhaps the very best use of the concluding trick. To my eyes, the bezel surrounding the crystal also has the look of a coin, which provides the appearance, subsequently, of only having a coin with a few lugs attached which is sitting in your own wrist.I myself have been a coin collector (however, I believe I have some birth-year coins kicking around), so I am definitely not the goal for the 50th Anniversary edition of the Corum Coin Watch. Nevertheless, when it has to do with a watch with an overall theme, this is about the simplest, cohesive example I could hold up. If you would like to pick one up for yourself (or your own great-great grandson, according to the marketing materials), you may either buy one separately, or get a pair — as a fantastic coin collector does, I suppose. There will be 100 of each made available, with the 22kt gold version going for $22,400, as well as the .925 silver commanding a price of $12,100. If you find yourself collecting both coins and watches, well then, I can’t think of a better view to flaunt both passions in the identical moment.

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