Breguet debuted the Breguet Watches Greece Replica 1160 Marie Antoinette “replica” back in 2008. I covered the story here, with much more background information regarding the original Breguet 160, its narrative, reduction, and eventual recovery. If you’re interested in this story, I highly suggest checking out that article because the story of the mention 160 Marie Antoinette timepiece is one which all watch lovers should know.More so, a number of elements of the history, both long past and contemporary, of the 160 continue to a degree mainly unknown to the general public. It’s actually a pure coincidence that Breguet introduced the Breguet 1160 Marie Antoinette pocket view only months after the original 160 was discovered. It is more than likely the most valuable horological object in existence.I mention the aforementioned coincidence because most individuals mistakenly thought that the brand released the Breguet 1160 Marie Antoinette due to the re-discovery of the 160. This is wrong. Breguet had been covertly working on replicating the 160 for about five years up to that point. The contemporary Breguet brand is known because of its original founder Abraham-Louis Breguet. Often called the “grandfather” (or dad) of contemporary watchmaking, the Breguet brand lasted for centuries through various relatives after his death.In the 1980s Breguet was introduced to existence in its contemporary iteration via a new group of investors mostly separated from the original Breguet family (however, today, parts of the original Breguet family are part of their brand again). It was watch manufacturer and designer Daniel Roth who shaped the modern appearance of the brand’s wrist watches being motivated by historic Breguet pieces. Only something like 5,000 Breguet watches and clocks were produced during Abraham-Louis Breguet’s lifetime.

Commissioned in 1890 by Winston Churchill’s grandfather, Breguet pocket watch no. 765 had both a split-seconds chronograph and minute repeater, and was nicknamed “The Turnip”. According to his great-grandson, Sir Winston always had it with him and for that reason it features prominently in Darkest Hour, the 2017 film that stars a critically acclaimed Gary Oldman in strikingly convincing prosthetics as the wartime Prime Minister (which some critics predict will land the actor his first Oscar).

One of several Breguet timepieces Churchill and his family owned, the original no. 765 still belongs to the family, and is on display at the Imperial War Museum in London, exhibited in the Churchill War Rooms. Breguet was thus called upon to provide a stand-in for the film, leading to the replica being built.

Breguet 765 Winston Churchill watch 1

The remake of the no. 765 is nearly identical to the original, save for the logo and number on the dial. While the original had an unsigned dial, being signed on the inner case instead, the replica is prominently marked “Breguet”, giving the brand some screen time.

Darkest-Hour-Film-Churchill Breguet

Darkest Hour is currently being shown in cinemas around the world.


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